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A Message from Francine

Let’s face it, our planet is a giver.
It naturally produces everything our bodies need,
not only to survive, but also to thrive.

The pure and natural elements consumed by our bodies are the same pure and natural elements we should reintroduce into our bodies.  When we expel water, it is necessary to put water back.  This replenishing is true of every organ including our skin, the largest organ of the body.  So where are these natural elements found?  Every natural, biological element in your body can be found on our planet in abundance, and in its pure, natural state, free of harmful toxins and chemicals.

So, why do other skin care companies create chemicals for you to put on your skin, when the earth and the sea offer a natural and healing method of skin care “replenishing”?

It was this question, coupled with a personal health issue that prompted me to embark on a journey to develop skin care that not only maintained skin health, but restored and healed damaged and diseased skin cells, and to do this in a way that was healthful to both my body and the environment.

80 is the new 60  –  Truly !  And, of course that makes 70 the new 50, 60 the new 40 –  well, you get it.  It’s not only that we are taking better care of ourselves, but we are encouraged by the advances in our personal care.   Many are drawn to medical assistance in obtaining their goals.  I believe that even more are looking for something that works in helping rid their appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and scars, naturally.   I have received letters and emails from those who are allergic to Retin A products.


Face of the Sea Skin Care assists in achieving a healthier and enhanced complexion.  So many products are advertised that claim this but how many of them can back it up by actual confirmation?  I submit the following from my patent approval from Stanford University:


(0004) Several objects and advantages of the present invention are: (a) to provide a skin exfoliating composition that is safe to use near the eyes and mouth; (b) to provide a skin exfoliating composition that is safe to the user in the event of ingestion; (c) to provide a skin exfoliating composition that is gentle on the skin of the user, such that the user’s natural skin oils are not depleted and the skin is not over-dried; and, (d) to provide a skin exfoliating composition that is comprised of all natural ingredients, such that the risk of an allergic reaction to the user is reduced and that effectively lifts dead protein from the surface of a user’s skin; (e) such topical application may have a number of uses, including the treatment of scars, removal of acne, general facial cleansing, and the like.

Francine Jansen

Many years ago I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma on the left side of my face, which was successfully removed.  Eventually my face healed, but the scars were ugly and the discoloration was noticeable from across the room.  I tried several skin care products, and each caused me pain and discomfort and yielded no results.


I began experimenting with my own skin care creations.  I started with a formula my grandmother brought with her from Sweden.  Her old-world knowledge lent a perfect mix of ingredients that gently cleansed my skin, yet I wanted to do more than clean, so I began researching to find something that would heal the skin and take away the scar or at least improve its appearance.

My journey lead me to laboratories in the United States, England, and Scotland, and fittingly ended where life begins, deep beneath our oceans.  After seven years of research and acquired knowledge, I discovered minerals with properties that were nothing less than miraculous.

I mixed these minerals with grandma’s formula and infused anti-oxidant and anti-aging formulas, including Aloe Vera, Vitamins A&E, Grape-seed and Primrose Oils and natural protective herbs.  The very first time I applied the powder to my face I was amazed.  As I rinsed it from my cheek, some of the old, dead skin came with it.  The powder took away the dead elements and replenished my skin with new, living elements.

I washed with my powder daily and as the weeks passed so too did the scaring, gently and naturally.   At the end of only one week I could see a noticeable improvement, not only in the scar’s appearance, but moreover, in the vibrant and revived appearance of my entire face.

I made the formula for my family and friends and they found that it took away blackheads, pimples, pregnancy mask, and surface wrinkles, and enthusiastically suggested that I market this product.  Shortly after this, I obtained a degree as an Esthetician and Face of the Sea Skin Care was born.

I have been manufacturing these products for 15 years.  Many of my customers call my products a “miracle” because they smooth away fine lines under and around the eyes and leave the skin smooth, tight, moisturized, and even looking several years younger. On a personal note, I have discovered that keeping my skin clear of “dead” layers of skin, and replenishing my skin with Earth provided minerals, has proven to be the best skin cancer preventative imaginable. Yes, the Earth is indeed a giver.

So, I made certain that my company would give back to the earth and its inhabitants.  Face of the Sea is an active participant in Fixing the Planet and Smile Train, two wonderful organizations that help to heal our planet and its children.  In addition, our products were the fore-runner of all that is natural, green and environmentally safe on the market today, as well as allergy-free with ingredients that are pure, safe and natural, and willingly accepted by the body.

So, in closing, I invite you to continue with us on our journey, a journey of health and fitness for ourselves and our planet.  As a client of FOS, may you begin taking care of your skin and continue, with each of us, taking care of the world we live in.


The Summit Of Eight

Francine was Denver’s Official Hostess for three years.  She was an Airline Stewardess and represented Continental Airlines at many social and public events, including the Republican Convention in San Francisco.   Being very well known and respected in Denver, she was asked to Hostess the Summit of the Eight, when President Clinton and seven other world leaders were there.

National Leadership Award

Francine developed her skin care products as a cancer prevention process and was given a National Leadership Award by Senate Majority Leader, Tom Delay for her study into aging skin.   She was also invited to dinner at the White House for her award.

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