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Our planet is a giver. It naturally produces everything our bodies need, not only to survive, but also to heal and achieve optimum health, beauty and longevity. Face if the Sea’s founder, Francine Jansen, tells her personal story about a family formula she enhanced that miraculously healed her deep facial scars from melanoma cancer surgery.

Francine’s Story

Hello, I am Francine Cinquanta, CEO and creator of Face of the Sea Skin Care. The scar you see next to my photo is mine after surgery for a spider melanoma, it was long and very deep.

The malignant melanoma was successfully removed and eventually the wound from the surgery healed, but the scars were ugly and the discoloration was noticeable from across the room.  I tried several skin care products, and each caused me pain and discomfort and yielded no results.

I began experimenting with my own skin care creations.  I started with a formula my grandmother brought with her from Sweden.  Her old-world knowledge lent a perfect mix of ingredients that gently cleansed my skin, yet I wanted to do more than clean, so I began researching to find something that would heal the skin and take away the scar or at least improve its appearance.

After seven years of research and acquired knowledge, I discovered minerals with properties that were nothing less than miraculous. I mixed these minerals with grandma’s formula and infused anti-oxidant and anti-aging formulas, including Aloe Vera, Vitamins A&E, Grape-seed and Primrose Oils and natural protective herbs.

The very first time I applied the powder to my face I was amazed.  As I rinsed it from my cheek, some of the old, dead skin came with it.  The powder took away the dead elements and replenished my skin with new, living elements.

Francine Before and After

I washed my face with my exfoliating powder daily and at the end of only one week I could see a noticeable improvement, not only in the scar’s appearance, but moreover, in the vibrant and revived appearance of my entire face.  As the weeks passed the scaring, gently and naturally disappeared.

Featured Products

Face of the Sea is made from the earth’s natural, biological elements in their purest, natural state, free of harmful toxins and chemicals.

Miracle Facelift in a Jar!


Our patented ingredients in our Exfoliating Powder are miracle remedies stemming from 15 years of extensive research and personal healing from facial melanoma surgery. After using our Facial Cleanser “Exfoliating” Powder, you will notice immediately that your skin is more firm and small creases and wrinkles are gone! Instructions:  My suggestion is to apply this powder 2 to 3 times per week. Fill the sea shell with the powder and pour into the palm of your hand.   Gently mix with water to make a fizzy paste and apply to your entire face (include your eyelids, lips and neck).  Thoroughly rinse the paste off with warm water.  For a deep penetrating mask, let the paste dry before rinsing. Click on the product image to view full details and ingredient listing.

Day Time Skin Thirst Quencher!


Your face is exposed to the elements and thirsty for moisture.  Our Day Lotion protects your skin while adding moisture and natural healing minerals necessary to maintain healthy, young skin. Our ingredients are so effective they have been used to treat second-degree sunburns and household burns with great success.  Our vitamin enriched formulas heal the dermis (the under layer of skin) allowing your skin to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance. Instructions: Gently spread a small amount of lotion over your face.  (Be sure to include your neck, under your eyes and around your mouth.) Do not rinse.  Start your day knowing that your skin is being nourished and protected. Click on the product image to view full details and ingredient listing.

Softens & Renews While You Sleep!


Our Night Time Renewing Lotion can be applied anytime, but I find it best to apply just before going to bed because it works while you sleep to soften and renew the skin. Instructions: Gently spread the lotion over your face (Do not rinse), go to sleep, and wake with softer, younger looking skin. For optimum results, be sure to apply the lotion to your neck, under your eyes and around your mouth. Click on the product image to view full details and ingredient listing.

Eliminates Bags, Firms & Smooths!


Our Under Eye Rejuvenating Cream is one of our most popular products because it softens and firms the skin around the eyes, while it moisturizes and smooths away wrinkles and bags, leaving your skin baby soft and your eyes looking rested and the skin restored. Instructions: With a small amount on your fingertips, gently dab under your eyes, and at the outside corners of your eyes. You can even apply to the upper eyelids (this cream helps to reverse drooping eyelids). Click on the product image to view full details and ingredient listing.

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