Day Moisturizer


Day Moisturizer & Revitalizer (Day Thirst Quenching Lotion) 

Face Of The Sea Day Moisturizing & Revitalizer restores natural moisture to your skin, smoothes and reduces small wrinkles and returns a youthful glow and vibrancy to your face. This lotion is flowing with natural oils, herbs and vitamins, which absorb instantly, helping to heal and soothe your skin.  This lotion has been called miraculous not only because it helps you look younger and healthier but because it actually helps maintain and restore the natural elements of your skin.  Compare our ingredients with any other face care product and you will see that other products are full of chemicals and fillers that are designed to temporarily tighten the skin, creating an illusion of youth and vitality, when in fact, they are merely covering skin that is being deprived of the care it really needs and deserves.

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Use Face Of The Sea Day Moisturizer & Revitalizer in combination with Face Of The Sea Exfoliating Powder (or Cream) and Face Of The Sea Night Lotion for optimum results.

Directions: Apply daily to face, neck and other desired areas.  Gently rub into skin until absorbed.  Re-apply as desired.

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Weight 2.0 oz