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Face Of The Sea Exfoliating Powder & Mask is our cornerstone product, created after twenty years of research and development and is our exclusive patented trade secret.  No other cosmetic product on the market shares our unique ingredients and no other product can achieve the miraculous results of Face Of The Sea Exfoliating Powder and Mask.  Just ask those who use it.

Our clients acclaim our powder for eliminating fine facial lines, helping to rebuild new, “young” skin, and even minimizing facial scars.

Other exfoliates on the market contain harsh cleansers, pore-clogging oils, and often abrasive exfoliates such as sugar, salt, and sand.

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Face Of The Sea Exfoliating Powder & Mask

Just as our name suggests, the key ingredients in Face Of The Sea Products come from the source of life, the sea, and re-introduces your face to minerals and nutrients that have always been a part of young, healthy skin.

Studies conducted at Stanford University concluded our Powder was determined to have “a number of uses, including treatment of scars, wrinkles, removal of acne (and) general facial cleansing . . . The composition is safe to use around a user’s eyes and mouth, and is effective in lifting dead proteins from the surface of the skin.  All compounds utilized in the powder mixture are safe enough to ingest, or come in contact with the user’s eyes.”

Face Of The Sea Exfoliating Powder & Mask will change the way you care for your skin and will convince you that having young looking, healthy skin and a vibrant glowing complexion is sustainable throughout your life.

Use Face Of The Sea Exfoliating Powder (and/or Cream) & Mask in Combination with Face Of The Sea Day Moisturizer & Revitalizer and Face Of The Sea Night Lotion for optimum results.  We recommend Face Of The Sea Exfoliating Cream for exfoliating and conditioning your arms, back, chest, and legs, to completes your over all body conditioning.

Instructions for use: Activate (hydrate) the powder by placing two parts powder mixture and one parts water in the palm of the hand.  To speed hydration, it is desirable to use warm water. Manipulate the hydrated mixture with fingers until the mixture becomes “creamy” in consistency.  Topically apply the hydrated mixture to a desired area on the skin, and manipulate with hands/fingers. Rinse with water, and repeat as desired.

For MASK allow mixture to dry and then remove thoroughly with warm water.

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