Night Renewing Lotion


Night Time Rejuvenating Lotion

Our bodies sleep at night to rejuvenate and recover from a long and busy day.  Your face is part of your body and it, too, needs hours to recoup from the harsh elements that both man and Mother Nature send your way.

Face Of The Sea Night Lotion is the overnight spa treatment enriched with Grape seed and Primrose oils and vitamins known for their healing natures.  Overnight, while you are at rest, you are allowing our Night Lotion to absorb into the dermis, the under-layer of your skin, and repair the damage done from sunlight, makeup and other aging elements. You will wake with a more youthful appearing, fresh face that feels moist and resilient, and this feeling will last throughout your day.

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Use Night Time Rejuvenating Lotion in combination with our Day Moisturizer & Revitalizer and our Face Of The Sea Exfoliating Powder (or cream) for optimum results.

Directions: Before going to bed, apply lotion to clean skin and include face, neck, and other desired areas.  (Can also be applied anytime of the day). Re-apply as desired

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