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John E. Walls, Ph.D. |Chemist – Skin Products Expert

“As a professional chemist and the owner of a business, I strive to conduct all elements of my operations in an ethical manner.  It would not be possible to endorse or recommend her products if I did not believe the products were everything they are advertised to be.”

  • I started using the products a few weeks ago.  I’m particularly   fond of the exfoliating powder.  In the short time I’ve been using the line I’ve noticed a great improvement in not only the texture but the color of my skin. All around I feel I have a much healthier glow.  Just this past weekend I had someone (whom I didn’t know) mention how wonderful my skin looked.  My skin is quite clear to begin with (thanks to Accutane) so I was skeptical that your product would make much of an improvement, but it most certainly did.  I’d love for my family and friends to try the line.  I was going to email you this weekend to find out how to get my hands on more for myself.

    Diane Chapman Fox TV Producer
  • "I am writing to tell you about my experiences with Face of the Sea Exfoliating Cleansing Mask.  I am a diabetic and have to take several medications to control my blood sugar.  While the drugs, Glyburide and Metformin, do work to control the diabetes. They also produce facial blemishes.  At 60 years old, I had been living with these embarrassing pimples as just a matter of life.

    I started using the exfoliating powder every day. I found it easy to apply right after shaving and I used it right before jumping into the shower.  After only one day the difference was immediate and dramatic. The unsightly whiteheads and red blotches were gone, right after the first application. A few applications later, my face was so smooth that you would never have guessed there was a problem.   After many years of living with the blemishes, I finally found something that worked, was inexpensive and easy to use.  Now I exfoliate every other day."

    Anthony Delgado
  • "I am continuing to use your product.  I really like it.  The exfoliating mask is exceptional.  My skin feels really soft for days afterward.  You should do well with this.  How are things going with the business?  I hope well.  You deserve it."

    Catherine Barber
  • "I have always given good care to my skin, but during my pregnancy I noticed dark patches forming around my eyes.  My doctor said it was called the Mask of Pregnancy.  I used to conceal them and after the birth I even used fade creams, to no avail.  The patches were still present and became somewhat darker with my second pregnancy. This time I used your Face of the Sea exfoliating powder.  Being totally non-toxic, it posed no threat to my baby.  Therefor I could use it while pregnant.  Within weeks the patches lightened and disappeared.  I continued using the mask periodically and the patches never returned."

    Cynthia Applehans
  • "I have recently sampled from the Francine’s Products Line, the facial scrub and the light moisturizer.   I must relate that over-night I was able to tell extreme difference in in the over-all feel and look of my skin. I have always had a ruddy complexion with spots that seem to be effected with drying and flaking, even though I would have been considered having an oily skin.  Using this facial scrub the dry skin and roughness seems to be lifted.  The texture has softened.  Applying my makeup for the day I was able to see it go on more evenly and I used less because my skin was smoother and not as dry or rough. I still have difficult skin but I can honestly say that using these products on a regular basis should help me in controlling my skin problems without having to consult a doctor.   There is another thing I was most impressed with is the purity of these products.  They did not cause any reaction or redness with my skin.  In fact my skin felt fresher and cleaner."

    Harriet Metzler
  • "Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with Face of the Sea products.  It is very exciting to me to have discovered a cleansing and moisturizing process that does not irritate my sensitive skin.  Shortly after using the exfoliating powder and day moisturizer my skin began to feel revitalized.  Within a few weeks, friends and family were commenting on how pretty my skin looked.  It is indeed a pleasure to tell you how happy I am with your product."

    Donna Applehans
  • "I am writing on behalf of Ms. Jansen and her line of Face of the Sea Skin Care Products.

    My company has assisted her in further refining her products and positioning them for marketing.  As a chemist I am impressed that she has been able to have a concept and carry the idea to fruition by developing her exfoliating mask and other ancillary products.  She has been able to maintain the element of having effective products that are all-natural and avoid the inclusion of synthetic chemicals.  Her intuitive and curious nature has led her to the development of these proprietary body care products without having a background in this area of technology.  Such entrepreneurship I find very impressive.

    Personally, I have over thirty years of experience in research and product development as well as manufacturing.  In this time there have been numerous occasions to evaluate various compositions that others have developed.  Many times certain elements are lacking or inadequate.  Such is not the case with Ms. Jansen’s products.  In dealing with Ms. Jansen I am of the opinion that her compositions are user-friendly by containing only the purest natural ingredients available.  They have my full endorsement.

    As a professional chemist and the owner of a business, I strive to conduct all elements of my operations in an ethical manner.  It would not be possible to endorse or recommend her products if I did not believe the products were everything they are advertised to be."

    John E. Walls, Ph.D. Chemist - Skin Products Expert
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